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Someone recently quoted this: Don't just know what you believe, but believe what you know.
The Lord has promised us many things through His Word.  Some of you have also had dreams or visions where He has promised you something.  You know this truth, but do you believe it?
There is a big difference between knowing and believingBelieving takes place in our heart.
It really goes back to the House of Faith and those pillars. 
So often we are standing in faith, believing for those things which we cannot yet see with our physical eyes, and along come distractions.  Distractions are doubts.  It really all comes back to what the serpent asked Eve, "Did God really say that?" 
Distractions can be anything that takes our eyes away from the truth.  "Maybe this pill will help."  "Maybe this food will heal it."  "Maybe if I talk to this professional about it."  Etc., etc., etc.
The Lord always means what He says.  He cannot lie.  It's impossible for Him to lie. 
You know what He has said, now it's time to believe it!
Be encouraged!