Justifying Yourself? Print

Law [self justification] vs Christ.

Contained in Christ is the spiritual Law, for the law is spiritual, which is Love.

Old testament is a list of do and don’ts for the natural to show what God truly wanted in the hearts of men, obedience to Him and His love out of a willing heart. In the New Testament its Christ and His nature is what God has ordained, was working towards, for a believer and not do’s and don’ts, the law. To have the mind of Christ filled with the Holy Ghost to have truth, light of the knowledge of the Father and Son, to do God’s righteousness to be like Christ-Holy righteous and perfect learning to stay out of sin because the believer would love, obey, His word, willingly, casting down vain imaginations, stock of vanities, that would exalt itself against God and His word-“The living Word”. Believer in the old testament would keep the law and ordinances as God set them forth in faith being righteous before God but in the new testament the believer is patiently and with diligence, after Godly repentance, making Christ the lord of all in their lives, faith, giving up the fleshly carnal ways of the world for Christ and to be like Him being washed in the word to see and confirm the truth of God in them after being born again. The nature and character of Christ is the new testament believer not do’s and don’ts of old testament law. The two are as different as night and day.


New testament gospels and epistles are depicting a state of being, faith in Christ, after Godly repentance not a list of rules of do’s and don’ts for salvation to be justified. Gospels and Epistles depict a state of being as an unbeliever also, comparing the two, and not bringing forth for the believer to choose a do or don’t to be justified. A believer “is” and a believer in Christ is in a Holy state striving, being washed in the word, to be like Christ, detesting sin, and a non believer “is” and is in an unholy state-an adversary of God looking to doing do’s and don’ts to justify themselves in their guilty conscience denying the truth [light of God] they have in their hearts loving to play with sin to be like the world-men pleasers seeking admiration of peer groups, young and old, trusting in the fleshly wisdom of men and not Christ.


Once you start justifying yourself to yourself by looking to do’s and don’ts you have forsaken Christ and His love, the very loving salvation God has brought to the world.

You are no longer His unless you repent of it and return to your first love. Being offended in Christ and not standing with His word results in disobedience and separation from God. You are no longer in faith but law loving this world. God says, “you are mine [in Christ] or the worlds [adversary of God, including religion-law] for there are no middle roads. You are in love with Christ or in love with the wickedness of the world. Christ says, “Do you love Me more than these…? Do you love Me more than these….? Do you love Me more than these…..?  Which also Christ kept asking those unbelieving Jews that were destroyed in 70-AD along with all their traditions and fleshly religious worship.