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Testimonies of Healings by A Faithful preacher and Teacher. We hear of these all the time but its true and they were done upon those who came and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ who is NOW at the right hand of God who sent Him to show the will of the Father in heaven, for then and today, and has put all power and salvation [healing which consists of spirit, body and provision] in Christ. God is no respecter of persons for if He healed in the old testament and took care of His own then, how much more will He take care of those that call upon His power, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, who went around going good and healing all manner of sickness and disease and infirmities of spirit and body showing the will of God the Father, now, today!!

 "Hi Kevin,

Yes, it was back in 1966-69 years when Joe Jordan and I were booked at
the Anaheim Assembly of God Church in
Anaheim, California for two weeks
of evangelistic meetings

I remember that a sign on the wall of the foyer of the church stated that
the seating limit was 999.

I do not remember which night of the two weeks of meetings that the
following took place, but I am sure that it was after we taught at least
one night on Faith and an another one, or two, nights on Divine Healing.

Anyway, at the close of one of the nights we invited people that needed
some kind of healing to come forward in a line and that we would pray for
each one individually. Immediately about 80 people came forward,
standing in a single lane line, and we began to pray for them one by one.

As we continue to pray over them, one at a time, I happened to glance up
and look down at the length of the line and I spotted an Elder from my
home church, Genesee Gardens Assembly of God, in
Saginaw, Michigan. I
handed the mic to Joe and walked down and greeted this Elder and asked
him what he was doing here. He replied that he was visiting in daughter
here in
California. I replied "no, I meant what are you doing in this
healing line, are you sick?" He point to a young girl in front of him
and simply said "my granddaughter. " I told him that we would be
praying over her in just a few minutes.

I returned to be with Joe and we continued to pray over people, some
getting healed, and some not, until the Elder and his granddaughter
stepped up next. We asked her "how can we help you?" She immediately
raised her arm and showed us her left hand in which the ring finger was
missing. It appeared as if no finger had ever grown out since her birth.
We asked what the problem was. She told us that she had stuck her hand
through the bars of a monkey cage at a zoo and he had bitten the finger
off. The doctors had done a beautiful job of covering up the hole where
the finger had been attached and it was completely covered by her own

We asked the girl what she wanted. She replied "I want a new finger."
We replied "when do you want it?"
She replied "right now!" We asked "who do you want to do it?" She
replied "Jesus Christ." Now, neither Joe nor I had ever seen missing
body parts completely restored in any of our meeting. But we took hold
of her arm and lifted it straight up so most of the people could see the
missing finger and then we began to pray. We prayed to our Heavenly
Father in Jesus' name that He would create a new finger. When we
finished praying in English both Joe and I began to pray with the Holy
Spirit with our eyes closed, still holding her arm up in the air.

While praying in the Holy Spirit I slowly opened one eye just a bit and
to my utter surprise I saw a new finger begin to grow out of that space
and as we prayed the finger slowly grew out to its normal intended
length. By now the whole church was weeping and crying along with Joe
and I. We immediately stopped praying and examined her hand and saw that
the new finger was identical to the rest of her fingers in the right
proportion, size and design. Now, no nail appear on the finger at that
time but to our surprise there was the proper indentation at the top of
the finger where a nail would normally be. We found out two months
later that a nail grew in naturally and the finger was restored to

While we were all praising the Lord, weeping, crying and rejoicing, two
men, seated in different places in the church, jumped up and ran down the
isles right up to Joe and I. Both men had one missing finger caused by
accidents at their respective work places.

We took one of the man's arms and lifted it up in the air and once again
prayed to the Father in Jesus' name that He would create a new finger for
him. Again we moved into praying with the Holy Ghost and this time Joe
and I both watched his finger begin to grow out of his hand into the
original normal length and size.

By now the church (999 people packed in the seats) were once again
weeping, crying and praising the Lord along with Pastor George Brown, Joe
and I.

We then grabbed the arm of the second man and held it erect in the air
and once again prayed to our Heavenly Father in Jesus' name to restore
his missing finger. Again while praying with the Holy Spirit we watched,
for the third time in about 30 minutes, the Lord grew out a new finger
identical in proportion to the four finger and thumb design of the other
hand. Now, no finger nails appear on the fingers of these two men but
again the indentation was there and we assumed that new nails also grew
out in the coming weeks.

At the end of our two weeks stay at the Anaheim Church Pastor George
Brown, on the final Sunday Morning Service, stood behind the pulpit and
shared with his church that he had been a part of the three greatest
revivals in the history of California, and that he had seen more people
saved, filled with the Holy
Spirit and Healed in these two weeks that he had seen in the three
revivals. The Glory belongs to our Lord God who keeps His Word where the
name of Jesus Christ is being exalted and honored and His Word preached
without compromise.

One more miracle you might be interested in. In another church in the
Los Angeles area we were in the middle of a two weeks of meetings and
once again on a particular night we had opened up a healing line for
those that needed physical healings.

After about 30 minutes of praying over people in the line, and seeing
many instantly healed, a woman about 30 years of age was next in line.
She asked if we would shut off the mic so she could talk to us privately.
She shared with Joe and I that one of her breasts had never grown out to
the normal size of the other. She said the breast was absolutely flat.
She then asked that we would pray for her that the Lord would bring forth
that flat breast to the size of her other normal one.

Joe and I laid hands on her and prayed and then instead of going back to
her seat she appeared to walk up the isle and leave the church.
Unbeknown to us she went directly to the women's bathroom where she stood
in front of a mirror, unbuttoned and removed her blouse, then unhooked
her bra and to her utter amazement watched the flat breast grown out to
normal size right in front of her eyes. She broke down crying, weeping
and praising the Lord, redressed and came right back down the isle to
Joe and I.

Now we had no idea why she was coming back down to the front of the
church because we thought she had left the church. She walked right up
to us and asked if she could give a testimony to the church. We handed
her the mic, having no idea what she was going to say, and she began to
share the whole story of why she came into the healing line in the first
place and then her trip to the women's bathroom and watching the Lord
totally restore her missing breast. The church broke down and began to
cry, weep and praise the Lord.

During my five years of evangelism in
California I saw many other
miracles take place. One, a 16 year old girl that was born blind had her
eyesight opened 100% after praying for her on a Monday night and
gradually each night, a different improvement was made, until Friday
night when she could see !00%. We checked her out by various tests to
make sure she had her total vision. After being given her eyesight for
the first time in her life she returned to high school in
Kansas City,
were she was from. She had been in a school of the blind all of
her life and the last report we heard from her Aunt and Uncle in
Bakersfield, CA. was that she was reading books in her high school

One more notable miracle, or miracles, happen in the same Assemblies of
God Church in Ridgecrest, CA.
A Nazarene lady, probably in her sixties, came forward after the teaching
one night. She gave us a little history of her religious background.
She was very tense, and sharp, but wanted prayer. She had already
witnessed the 16 year old girl being totally healed from blindness.

We asked her how we could help her and she replied she was almost blind
in her right eye. She was wearing glasses but the lens over her right
eye was very, very thick and evidently not providing her much vision. So
we had her take her glasses off and pointed out a verse in the Bible for
her to read. Of course she was unable to see anything but a blur. Joe
and I then laid hands on her head and prayed to our Heavenly Father in
Jesus' name to totally heal and restore her sight. After we finished
praying she shouted out "I can see, I can see!" Once again we pointed
out a verse in the Bible, had her cover her left eye and try to read the
verse. She read it perfectly. She then took her hand off her left eye,
covered her right eye, and once again read another verse perfectly. She
no longer had need of the glasses.

Then she stuck out her right arm and we immediately saw that her right
hand was like the hand of a baby. The lady then informed us that she had
a disease as a child and that her right hand never grew out. We held up
her arm towards the audience and prayed to our Heavenly Father in Jesus'
name and began to pray for total restoration. We watched as the
miniature hand grew out to the same size as the left hand.

Well then she stated that her right arm, as well, never grew out since
that disease as a child. So we brought her two arms out straight in
front of her and immediately saw her right arm was totally dwarfed and so
we immediately began to pray for the Lord to restore this right arm to
the same size as the left. Before our eyes the right arm grew out and
expanded in size until both were the same.

Then the lady pointed to her right leg and foot. Both were dwarfed in
length and size. As a matter of fact she had a four inch lift on her
right shoe so she could walk without limping. We first prayed for her
leg and then with weeping and crying watched as it grew out to the same
length as the left leg. She now realized that she could not wear the
right shoe any longer as it would cause her to limp when she walked
because of the four inch difference of the shoe lift. She eventually
left the church barefoot.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, the lady took off her normal
left shoe and then put her feet together
and we immediately saw that the right foot was still in the small child's
size and shape. So we had her
back up against the wall on the platform and by now the whole church was
out of their seats weeping and crying and crowded around the pulpit area
as tight as they could stand watching every move by the Lord.

So her she is, back against the wall, heels of both feet back against the
wall, and Joe and I holding her shoulders against the wall so that all
could see the miniature right food of a young child. While we held her
back against the wall we started praying again for the Lord to heal and
restore the right foot to normal and continued praying as we watched the
foot grow in length and width, the same size as her right foot

We had watched five miracles in a row take place on one women. From
this time forward I have believed that nothing was impossible with God if
we come to Him in perfect Faith in His Word and Promises."

In Christ,


Bob Reid, President
Faith Tech Ministries
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